When was the last time you went to meet your loved one all the way to the airport?

In this global society, people travel nearby or far so often, it became common to just ask how it was, we sometimes even forget to wish safe flight, because it became so usual and accessible that we might assume, it would be safe.

We try to save that expensive bus or train to the airport and meet our loved ones just in city at the station, or if we’re busy that we might just meet later at home or by dinner when we get time. Didn’t we forget to cherish this precious moment of freshness and excitement? I’m mostly one of those people who travels much and I would probably even tell you, don’t bother, no need to go all the way to airport to send me off or meet me, we can just say goodbyes or hellos at the nearest subway.

I also noticed that those times that my brother went all the way to airport with me, to help with my luggage and send me off, those talks in the last bus were The Talks, the talks we were too busy or uncomfortable to start when we had time, the words  that we were afraid to say, hopes and plans we didn’t dare to ask for.

I made few decisions recently to go and meet all the way in airport too. First time it was because I was asked a lot, and well, since I wanted to be longer together I gave up and went. Another time, I actually didn’t really need to be asked much, since I was pretty excited to run towards, and hug and smile, and have that hour in a bus or train, excitingly talking, until we come to more public places, restaurants, people places that well, the thoughts might just get mixed up, new things, new experiences and emotions fill the head, that we forget to say what we’ve been thinking all the way in the airplane ride.

[So if you even have someone coming home and you’re planning to meet, if you missed this person, and have a lot on your heart, not just mind, to share, take that time, make that little effort, spend those extra money, because such small gestures carry the most precious memories sometimes, they all count.]


Do we need labels?

Do we need labels?

There are so many types of relations nowadays. It’s not just friend, acquaintance, lover, boyfriend, husband~. There online friends, online insta, fb friends, Snapchat friends, online study partners, dating app friends, friends of friends, followers, I’d even say texting friends when you don’t really meet but text. So which of those are important? How important is to know which relationship we are in?

I feel that although traditionally I always want to know clearly where we stands, I should start giving it up. Because if one type of relationship is going down, it still doesn’t mean that other one can’t be kept. The question is if I want to keep it in other type.

Or does it not matter about friends and acquaintances? Does it matter about partners/boyfriends/lovers?

What is the level of commitment nowadays anyways? How much we show us online? How much we show to our friends(one type or another)? Or how much we just enjoy ourselves together and individually?

It’s way too confusing to put those boundaries. I don’t want to be conservative but sometimes feels good to feel secure. But is it what I don’t get without label? Label won’t guarantee that it will stay this way. It can change with or without a label. So which one is better, less stressful, less hurtful if bad turn?

Time is now.

So I was walking back home and stopped by a playground near some local school. There were no people, quite, nice weather. I stopped to read some article I saved on a phone. Soon there were two kids who came playing and laughing around. They were proudly showing me some shoe paints they stole from school, and saying that they’ll paint all playground in green now. They asked me questions, just talking. Then one boy asked in what grade I am. I answered that I graduated already. Then his first guess on my age was 15, 16?17?18? ‘If more than 18 I’m not talking to you’ he said. I am. Boys were 5th and 6th graders.
Well, we kept talking time from time. Funny talks I’d say. “School starts already in 20 days. I don’t wanna go to that school”. “So what do you want?”, I asked. “Play.”, was his answer. But isn’t school time for playing? So much time after school, no big responsibilities, enjoy, explore, make mistakes.

Why do we always rush somewhere? Time to enjoy is now.